Hi again Noah, just received the beauty ! You built it fast, you send it fast, thank you very much ! I’m impressed for the professional finish for a hand made product, really good job. The sound is beautiful too.

1 year that I want to buy a tank drum; I saw more like Hapi Drum, Miltone, XP Drum and many other and finally I decide for your, and I’m not disapointed. The double side is an excellent idea (and you’re the one to do it) Hijaz side is really mistical and introspective and with such flamenco style is perfect for Spain lol Big Bear side is really oppened, happy and positive and a bit easier to play than Hijaz 🙂

Nothing more, thanks again for such beauty; I will leave you a nice comment in your YouTube page, I think that it would be better for business than a simple eBay feedback.

Greetings and peace from Spain.