“Hello Noah, just got the drum today !  Amazing, just amazing. I love it at the very first touch.Really well made and good tune.

I’ll recommend for sure at all my musicians community in Québec City and everywhere i’ll go play in this beautiful world ! I prepared the text in English and i’ll send you soon with pictures and a video of me playing so, keep in touch thanks again.

Steve H – Québec


Well I took the chance myself, and ordered a steel tongue drum from Manastone, tuned in F minor, which arrived in just two days. And I had a huge positive surprise! My previous I , somewhat limited, experience with hand pans had left me disappointed. I owned a Hapi original drum that had sweet tone and impeccable tuning, but it was very quiet and did not sound as brilliant and loud as in the videos (sold) Then got a big HAPI Ufo which unfortunately was a disappointment: not only it sounded quiet, but its big chamber creates such an annoying resonance that makes the sequence of notes very muddy and confused (returned for a refund…) I was even thinking about giving up with steel tongue drums and wait for my Disco Armonico to arrive from Italy.. but then I had the chance to get this drum, hand made in Georgia by Noah Pulver. It sounds very musical, it is loud, it has impeccable intonation (I double checked with a chromatic tuner) and, more over, it reacts extremely well to different techniques, like rest strokes and/or dampening. It can sound sharp and edgy, or sweet, depending from how you play it, how open you leave the bottom hole, and how much you dampen the notes with the other hand. Last but not least, it has a pleasant sustain and decay, but not too long to create a messy sound when several notes are played in sequence. I believe that the good result is achieved by the thickness of the metal which is not very thick (much thinner than the HAPI) and by the size of the drum which is not too high.

Last, but not least, it has nine tongues instead of the standard eight (OK Spike I know that you make them with 11 tongues!).

I am sure that there are many other great drum makers out in the market (Spike, FocoRock Star) but I can’t comment on that because I never had the chance to play one of their drums personally. But I really believe that the ManaStone drum deserves more recognition.

If you are willing to spend $ 250.00 on a steel tongue drum with your choice of tuning, I dare to suggest that you can put Noah among your options
And I live in Michigan, with no link whatsoever with the ManaStone Drum company.

gerardo1000 HandPan Fan

Dear crazyark,

Just want to say that I have received, and that this is a marvellous instrument with intense vibration coming out of it. I sincerely thank you for the job you have done, this drum is perfect and beautiful to look at.

You may have some more order coming from me in the future!

Thanks a lot again, I am seriously amazed by this little drum. It play so intuitively too! Wow.



I Recently recieved my new double sided drum. Its wonderful. The tuning and harmonics are great. I just played it for a few of my friends and I think some of them will be ordering their own.




Hi again Noah, just received the beauty ! You built it fast, you send it fast, thank you very much ! I’m impressed for the professional finish for a hand made product, really good job. The sound is beautiful too.

1 year that I want to buy a tank drum; I saw more like Hapi Drum, Miltone, XP Drum and many other and finally I decide for your, and I’m not disapointed. The double side is an excellent idea (and you’re the one to do it) Hijaz side is really mistical and introspective and with such flamenco style is perfect for Spain lol Big Bear side is really oppened, happy and positive and a bit easier to play than Hijaz 🙂

Nothing more, thanks again for such beauty; I will leave you a nice comment in your YouTube page, I think that it would be better for business than a simple eBay feedback.

Greetings and peace from Spain.


Dear Noah,

My Sun and Moon arrived, it was here when I got here from India.  I love it!  It’s just as I imagined, only even more fun to play than I thought.  Can’t put it down.  I find the Hijaz side quite tricky, though, must more complex to get it to sound good, so that’s good room for growth musically – love it.  Any helpful hints? The mixo side is delightful and easily accessible to anyone for improvising.

The best compliment I can send you is that I have just ordered one for my friend Barbara McReynolds here in Los Angeles.  Barbara suffered a debilitating stroke over a year ago and is in the process of recovering her strength and physical and mental capabilities (at age 65).  She has been playing my drum and really getting into it and it is wonderful therapy for her.  So she’s getting a single-sided one in the same scale, F mixo, and has asked for copper and black, if possible please, black on the solid bottom.

I did lots of research on the internet and I really think your drums are the all-around best.  Congratulations.

Regards, Irene

Greetings Noah,

the drum arrived an hour ago and was in great condition. The drum exceeded my expectations in tones and Copper Vein is beautiful. Thank you for the care you took in making my drum. You are a true skilled artist. Peace.

Rick Stutz
World Hand Drum Percussionist

Subject: Thanks!
Message Body: Noah,
Just wanted to send a quick thank you. I received my drum this past Saturday. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time that day to play it.
Sunday, I sat down and played for 6 hours. Yes, 6 hours. Thanks for making such a beautiful instrument with care and passion. It truly shows in the product you develop.
You will be hearing from me in the future for another drum.
–Mike Brown

Dear Noah,

I got my F Big Bear yesterday and I can’t put it down. It is absolutely beautiful. Family and friends all love it and I’m pretty sure they’ll be potential customers in the near future. I played it in a public restaurant outside today and people couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Many of them asked if it was electrically powered or amplified. I live in Miami, FL and I can’t wait to show my city this drum.
Thank you so much for your quality product. Well worth the money.
Chris Coppolo

Hi Noah,
I just wanted to thank you for sending me such an amazing drum, its so resonant, perfectly tuned and incredibly loud if you want it to be. It’s perfect for busking. The bodywork is phenomenal and you’ve produced a very beautiful thing indeed here, in sound and style. You were also amazing at keeping me informed at the various stages and I really can’t thank you enough for packing it so well, it arrived in perfect condition, despite the reputation of the UK postal service.
The F Peace scale is a dream to jam with and I look forward to buying more from you later on the down the line. I’ll be making a youtube video with this drum shortly which you are of course free to use on your site, along with this message if you would like to include it with your testimonials.
Really can’t thank you enough man, the videos don’t do the sound justice on these drums.
Thanks again and all the best,
Oli D. Nejad

From: Joel
Subject: Thank you so much.Message Body:
I can’t put this thing down, its incredible, and I couldn’t have wanted more. Every time I touch this instrument I suddenly come back to reality hours later only to realize I’ve been having a blast just improvising with these nine notes and losing all track of time. It sounds great and looks and feels like it will be pretty durable and last me a long time. Good job, keep up the amazing work.

Noah, I want to extend my gratitude for allowing me to experience this amazing creation. The conversations I’ve had since receiving the big bear have been enlightening. I’m fortunate to have a Gelato stand on the beach at a once abandoned quartz mine in Ohio. It filled with water overnight back in the 40’s. It since has been turned into a concert venue with mainly Grateful Dead style genre’s. It’s a very special place that we love sharing.  I meet on the average festival from 500 to 1000 people every weekend during the summer. We also skin,rope and sell Djembe,hand made Didgeridoo and kalimba. The Big Bear has opened up an entirely new avenue in music for us hear at the Quarry.. I was asked  to play for yoga classes, workshops and meditation clinics through out the weekend. I even played main stage in the morning for about a half hour while the musicians tuned up for what has been come to be known as Hippie Church(non-religious).  Being a hand drummer myself I’ve never experienced such a wide diverse group of people gravitating towards one single instrument . More importantly the change that I’m noticing in my personal vibration is astounding. I’ve been practising and researching Hertz and its effects on our species for some time now, but to actually see and feel the change is blowing my mind.   We only carry handmade instruments and we make our own Didgeridoo called the “walk about” which is a 3 foot didge condensed to 18 inches by 6 inch hand held unit. Quality is so important to us. You have done an amazing job. I played a Hapi drum again over the weekend and the Big Bear just has a much more cosmic resonance that makes people close their eyes where they are standing and absorb the vibrations. Those who play it get lost in the zone also. Many thanks again for my wonderful weekend that the Bear allowed me to experience.

Peace, health and grooves…


We received the drum today, and IT IS AMAZING!
I love how the notes are placed on the drum, and when you play a note that has an equivalent on the other side makes the whole drum resonate loud. Feels compact and light after the near 15 pound Zen. 

Truly a piece of art!
Thank you very much!


Noah….I just revved my double sided Manastone drum and I would like to thank you greatly for such an amazing product… Right out of the box I was amazed at the sound quality…I will definitely have many amazing experiences with this glorious musical art piece… Thank you again for everything and making one of the best products money can buy =)
I truly hope for greatness and prosperity in your future =)


Linda Griffith

To Me

I love it. Thank you so much— sorry I’m so slow in letting you know. It’s wonderful.
What a gift!Best to you and all the drums in your future!LG
Dear Noah,a big and warm “Thank you” from Germany!!!
I already own my second drum from you – packed very well and received in
excellent condition.

My first drum was the 18 Note Double Sided Eb Hijaz + F Big bear (Copper vine).
I was very surprised and delighted by its wonderful sound quality. Both
distinct moods are simply beautiful, and the drum also looks very noble.

It is so much fun to play this drum and to experiment. Almost every day,
I sit in the garden and play, although more meditatively than percussively,
as I’m still a novice who just finds enjoyment in those beautiful sounds.
Maybe, with a lot of practice, I’ll manage to get the hang of percussive
drumming after all.

As playing this drum brings so much happiness, joy and inner peace to me,
I could not resist and ordered the Kurd 10 (Gold vine), which I received
four days ago with much glee. I cannot thank you enough for this. It is
fantastic as well, and it is very fun to discover it. Due to the 10th
sound in the middle, it is a little easier for me to play percussively.
The sound quality is divine and the dampeniing system a great idea.

As I was already looking for a great sounding drum for quite a while,
I’ve watched and listened to many demo videos of steel drums of different
makers and believe, that the Manastone Steel Drums really are the best;
made with love, good handicraft, wonderful sound quality and all that
for a very good price.

I really am very happy with these drums. They are truly gifts!
Once again, my most heartful “Thank you” for them, Noah!

I wish you much health and many more good ideas, happiness, joy
and success during play and creation of these wonderful drums.

Best wishes to Crestone,
with gratitude and joy,
Sylvia from Germany


I just got the drum, thank you so much, it’s freaking sick, keep up the great work!

Thank you- Matt from Australia
I just got it now!!! It was in a package room and  I didn’t get notified until now. It is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most breathtaking sound. I’m in shock. The one I heard before did not have the beauty that went into the workmanship and tone as this does….This sings all by itself…it’s crazy..Thank you, Thank you Thank you
and Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!