About Us

Our goals are to provide people with the highest quality instruments and service and to make our customers happy. Staying at the forefront of melodic percussion’s progressive curve and providing unmatched customer service through innovation and customization.  Here at Mana Stone Music we’re not in a race to sell a million drums, instead we’re focused on connecting one person with the right tongue drum or instrument for them.

Vision: The people of Mana Stone Music are Pioneers of both Art and Craft. By continuing to develop new and innovative products as well as creative approaches to better serve customers’ unique and individual needs, the products and services offered by Mana Stone Music are sure to remain unmatched in quality and value. We see a future where communities are in harmony and balance with themselves and each other. We see a future where we live, work and play music together to strengthen ourselves both spiritually and professionally. Mana Stone Music supports balanced and natural growth through sustainable practices and by putting quality in front of quantity.

Philosophy: Make music, not drama. The Mana Stone Mountain Workshop is located in the heart of Southern Colorado, tucked up against the majestic 14,000ft peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range. Here, just outside the small spiritual community of Crestone, the people of Mana Stone Music can be found creating, exploring, and perfecting their craft. “There’s a reason we chose this spiritually rich mountain town of about 800 inhabitants as the our home and the home of Mana Stone.”

Customer Service.:

If you are not happy with your drum, we’ll make it right.

Future Projects:

Check back with us frequently because we are always inventing and creating new and exiting models and ideas.


How It’s Played

These instruments are designed to be played with your hands or hit softly with the small mallets included.

We like to set the drum in our lap with the largest tongue closest and play a right, left pattern to move up the scale. Try different techniques like hitting the tongues with the sides of your thumbs and flat parts of your fingers. Rest strokes work nicely (where your finger bounces off but your hand rests on the drum) as well as muting different parts of the drum. You can rest one hand on the drum, then play a note with the other hand.  Quickly lift both hands to let the note sustain. There is no one “right” way to play it, but with a little practice and playing around, you can get some great tones.

Be sure to contact us for any questions or comments, we’re here to help and want our customers to be happy.

How It’s Made

Custom made shells are cut to different sizes depending on model, MIG welded (not glued) then the weld is ground down and the drum is shaped.  Only handheld tools are used.

The notes are laid out to the correct pattern and cut with precision and proprietary technology.

After an initial pre-tuning, the drum is Tone Tempered™ to the perfect hardness to enhance tone, volume, sustain and tuning stability.

We powdercoat our drums with an ultra hard, epoxy based textured finish that is weatherproof and very durable.

A final tuning and optional dampening pads are the last steps before the drum is played to ensure quality.

We make some of the finest, fully custom tongue drums available today and they will last a lifetime if cared for.

Damping Pads

A new option is the damping pads. It is very simple, just one or two small pieces of special acoustic rubber glued inside the drum in crucial areas.

This reduces the high frequency shell noise for clearer notes and makes the drum easier to play with open strokes.

Not everyone might want these pads. You can use hand muting techniques to control the shell noise and you might want to let the shell ring out for an extra (gong like) effect.

watch the comparison video here.


Model Information

9 Note Single Sided

The classic, easily customizable with almost any note combination.

18 Note Double Sided

Basically two 9 note drums back to back. Flip it over for another scale.

slightly taller and heavier than the 9 note, produces a little less volume and resonance than the single sided.

10 note single sided

Deepest, most resonant drum. Taller than the 9 note and goes about a 4th interval lower.

Limited scales available. No custom scales on this one.